We, the families of Baths by Shay, appreciate the opportunity to make you happy by designing and installing your dream bathroom around our solid surface solutions produced in-house at our facility in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Designers respect both form and function, drawing from a materials palette extensive in both colors and patterns, to create a user-friendly, accessible bath that is spa-like, but ultimately affordable. Elements such as cabinets, floors, plumbing, and electrical are included to flesh out the entire project for a turn-key installation.

Solid surface is intrinsically tough, sanitary, and easy to clean. When taken in conjunction with our ability to produce oversized components, these properties deny places for mold, mildew, and germs to grow.

Experienced, knowledgeable installers are careful, clean, and precise. They extend respect of both person and property that is demonstrated by the entire family from the start of your project.

With hundreds of projects under our belt, we have a proven track record for making visions into realities!


The Baths by Shay Family

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