Principal color palettes can be patterned solid, contain just hints of movement, diffused with contrasting color, or veined showing distinctive stratification. Every pattern goes through the entire thickness of the material.

Neutral Grey Colors.

Neutral Greys

Light to Dark: Scissortail, Storm (Diffused & Veined).
Neutral Earth Colors.

Neutral Earths

Light to Dark: Feather, Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Sandy Beach.
High Contrast Colors.

Bold Greys

Light to Dark: Caribbean, Salt & Pepper, Obsidian.
Bold Earth Colors.

Bold Earths

Light to Dark: Sahara, Winter Shore, Timberwolf (Diffused & Veined).
Cocoa Colors.

Cocoa Colors

Light to Dark: Cinnamon, Mars, Hot Chocolate, Brownstone.

Artistic techniques such as flaking, crackling, and funneling can be applied using colors that you pick, for a one-off masterpiece.

We drizzle, splatter, and paint to capture something raw and emotional! No rules, and you can participate to make it truly personal.

Featured Projects

King Master Bath – is one of our favorites because the Caribbean Veining evokes the serene, and demonstrates that juxtaposition of vibrant color against a modernist, gallery style backdrop need not clash.

Featured Whole Bath: King Master.
Featured Tub: King Master.
Featured Shower: King Master
Featured Shower: King Master.
Featured Whole Bath: King Master.

Stoops Secondary Bath – is a powerful example of how to provide accessible design in a compact space while maintaining an elegant, luxurious aesthetic.

Featured Whole Bath: Stoops Secondary.
Featured Countertop / Vanity: Stoops Secondary.
Featured Shower: Stoops Secondary.
Featured Shower: Stoops Secondary.

Solid Surface adds beauty and cleanliness to every component in the bathroom including showers, countertops, and tub components.

Whole Bath 15.
Countertop / Vanity 15.
Whole Bath 15.
Whole Bath 2.
Whole Bath 3.
Whole Bath: Showroom in Storm Pattern.

Our patters can be a focal point that adds richness and depth, or conversely, as a palette that adds light and pushes walls back.

Shower 1.
Shower 9.
Shower 2.
Shower / Tub 7.
Shower 15.

2010 ADA Standards inform our accessible designs.

ADA & Wheelchair 10.
ADA and Wheelchair 13.
Featured Shower: Stoops Secondary.

Makeup, shave supplies, and other toiletries are staged on the countertop, making the nonporous, sanitary nature of solid surface even more important than in the shower.

Countertop / Vanity 14.
Countertop / Vanity 5.
Countertop / Vanity 2.
Countertop / Vanity 1.
Countertop / Vanity 6.