A Wise Investment

We at Baths by Shay know the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home. It is one of the top ways to add value to your home, but a solid surface bath’s greatest return on investment is the benefit it offers you!

Time and energy are valuable, don’t waste it scrubbing residue off of rough surfaces and from crevices.

Mind and spirit are valuable, give yourself an elegant spa-like haven to recharge.

Health and vitality are valuable, surround yourself with surfaces that won’t support mold, mildew, or germs.

Freedom and independence are valuable, enhance your quality of life with ADA and accessible design.

Bath Solutions

Our designers offer fresh bath remodel ideas for your space, either big or small. Our solid surface material manufactured in-house in Edmond, Oklahoma adds elegance to a bath renovation that keeps its existing layout. We also love participating in new construction to craft your perfect bath the first time, for a lifetime.

But it all started with a shower base that is solid all the way down to the floor and has a low-profile entry curb for accessibility. Further, it is fit to a template taken of your bathroom, not the other way around, changing your bath to fit a shower pan. We haven’t lost our roots, and still take great pride in our shower remodels and handicap showers.

All this value comes with piece of mind that your Baths by Shay solutions are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Specifically, our solid surface components will hold their finish and luster and our showers and countertops will never leak. We have been in business since 2013 and remodeled hundreds of baths, so we have a proven track record that backs up this claim.

Whole Baths

Solid Surface adds beauty and cleanliness to every part of the bathroom including showers, countertops, and tub components.

Our patterns can be a focal point that adds richness and depth, or conversely, as a palette that adds light and pushes back walls.


Our solid surface showers are made in large contiguous sheets, use no grout, and corners are sealed with color matched, mold resistant sealant. These factors translate into showers that are easy to clean. Even hard water wipes off effortlessly with a towel and natural cleaner.

Walls and bases can be made up to 7.5 feet x 11.5 feet constrained only by house passageways. Shower floors are solid down to the floor so they will not bend or crack.

ADA & Wheelchair

2010 ADA Standards inform our wheelchair and accessible designs. Using the ADA Standards as a baseline, we will consider your individual challenge and facility and adapt accordingly. ADA design expertise also benefits older people and children.

ADA & Wheelchair 10.


Countertop / Vanity 5.

Makeup, shave supplies, and other toiletries are staged on the countertop, making cleanliness even more important than in the shower. Solid surface can also be wrapped around the side of cabinets, which is useful to make them watertight adjacent to toilets or tubs.

Countertops can be made up to 11.5 feet long. L-shape, 45 degrees and other dog-legs can be made without seams. Solid surface countertops can support either under-mount or vessel sinks.